How we discovered the one little thing and brought it to life.

Big Lots

Situation: In 2014 Big Lots did not have an ecommerce site. While their brick and mortar stores continued to prosper, pressure to have ecommerce was mounting. To create the site, Big Lots hired the best of the best in each discipline, both in-house and as sub-contractors.

Complication: The ecommerce experience had to span ALL screen sizes and formats, and needed to be accessible by both their current in-store audience as well as their future online audience.

Solution: Jayne Agency guided all user experience tasks, including usability testing, primary and secondary research, insight development, wire frames, user scenarios, user paths, creative look and feel, style guide, SEO, SEM, site marketing and social.

Results: A savings of 1.2M in development costs, Jayne Agency delivered on budget and 2 weeks early, Consumer results still pending (Site launched in June 2016).