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It’s Not Just Dinner (INJD) Network Event

Invite only networking event that Jayne Agency is proud to cohost.

Let’s be clear. Folks are hungry. In a nation sprinting towards
majority-minority, diverse B2B professionals still can’t get access
to corporate buyers and decision-makers. It’s the same old story.
While we wait for permission, hoping for a seat at the table,
somebody’s golf bro gets an easy meeting. Though “diverse” is
the word, the patriarchy clutches the keys to opportunity. It’s b.s.,
and that’s over. We realized diverse talent needs diverse friends,
and so we decided to BE A FRIEND.

This is a private event, but for more information, contact besocial@jayneagency.com


Aug 27 2020


5:00 pm - 6:30 pm



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