It came upon us fast — multiple strategy and branding projects all at once. Because of our range of expertise across industrial, nutraceutical, consumer packaged goods and retailing, we became an expert answer for the Cannabis industry. Below are 3 example projects we have under way. Reach out and ask us any questions you might have at

Insurance + Cannabis Strategy / Messaging Experience

For Breckenridge Insurance Services Group, we helped position the parent company and their specialty offerings, specifically the smoke and vape practice so they could move into the Cannabis space seamlessly. This is the introduction I believe you’d be interested in directly, however, the CEO asked to hold off for a month due to their own negotiations with Loyds.

Cannabis + Data Analytics for IRS Tracking and Reporting – Branding/Messaging Experience

We developed the brand platform (position, promise, support) for THSuite, a seed to sale software tracking program unique due to its modular design. Because THSuite’s platform spans the entire cultivation process, our team had to learn about every aspect of the process – from what takes place inside different cultivation centers and what the user experience is for dispensary owners to the customer point of view and how to talk about IRS related tracking and reporting across multiple states/centers of excellence. As a result, our team can speak to facilities, equipment, labor, security, customer service and more.

Cannabis + Dispensary + CBD Museum Branding and Marketing Experience

Colorado Grow Company is the largest dispensary in Durango. They also own a large “Learning Center” after years of being a cultivator. We are helping them with a strategy and marketing plan to create ongoing awareness for the “Learning Center.”

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