Recognize Any of These?
  • Feeling Disconnected? Struggling to resonate with your audience?
  • Lost for Words?  Don’t have a strong 11-second elevator pitch?
  • Market Shifts? Finding it hard to adapt your messaging to changing customer needs?
  • Content Creation Struggles? Difficulty in crafting engaging, relevant content?
  • Feeling the pressure of Time and Money? Don’t Know Where to Start?

Turn Business Challenges into Breakthroughs with Clarity University

Welcome to Clarity University, your 4-week path to mastering the 10 essential brand assets that will positively impact your business’s finance, culture, and market share. Designed for busy small and medium-sized business leaders, our program guides you through crafting an impactful 11-second elevator pitch and building a strong brand platform. Tailored for your schedule and budget, we offer a range of high-quality education, tools, support, and the community needed to enhance your brand’s strategic potential without overburdening your resources.


Hear from Stefanie Schodrof on her Clarity University experience 

Read to jump in but not sure where to start? Take our brief Clarity Assessment to discover the ideal path for your brand’s unique needs.
Flexible Learning for Business Leaders and Teams
  • Cohort-Based Learning: Engage in a 4-week program with other business leaders, fostering a community of learning and support.
  • Leader or Delegate Participation: Designed for business leaders, the program also allows the option of designating a team member to participate, reducing time burdens and constraints on business leaders.
  • Monthly Start Dates: Join the program at the most convenient time for your business, with new groups starting monthly.
  • Interactive Educational Materials: Access a range of resources including a guided workbook, providing valuable insights and practical tools for brand strategy.
  • Ongoing Networking: Benefit from continued access to the Clarity University community, fostering long-term learning and networking.
  • Niche Continuing Education Modules – Coming Soon: Sign up for niche continuing education modules that cover a range of marketing, research, communications, and branding topics. All CU graduates will receive deeply discounted rates.

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The Clarity Assessment Tool

Still unsure which path is best for you? Take our short Clarity Assessment to determine which path is best for your business needs.

Voices of Clarity
Stefanie Schrodof, Founder, Senseory
Jared Gibson, Co-Founder, Outworks
Lori Dann, Founder, MyPLC, Board Chair, Mother’s Trust Foundation
Dave Pygon, President, Author of “Win the 16” and Leadership Development Expert
“They just helped me mitigate a lot of risk, saved me a lot of money, and I’m actually enjoying the whole experience a lot more. I was feeling like a deer in headlights. I really couldn’t get [my brand message] out. And now I can.”
“One of the things that was important for me […] was how brand touches so many different things. I had to take a step back as a founder of a business […] and understand that brand touches HR, touches finances, it touches sales, it touches operations.”
“We have a really, really loyal following of donors, but we’re trying to expand that. Until now, we didn’t really know how to make them [new donors] care…Clarity University helped us identify how to approach those people with our unique organization, and explain why they should spend their dollars with us.”
“Clarity University helped me stay in sequence during networking, with what I learned during my one-on-one session. Hitting on my position, promise, and how I use support to back those up. I literally made sure I hit those three [selling] points succinctly.”
Unlock Your Brand’s Full Potential: Program Deliverables and Outcomes
  • Master the 10 Assets of Brand Strategy: Equip yourself with the knowledge to utilize ten key brand assets, driving financial growth, culture enhancement, and market share expansion.
  • Hands-On Brand Platform Development: Engage in a guided, hands-on approach to developing your Brand Platform, transforming your brand’s theoretical concepts into actionable strategies.
  • Craft a Compelling 11-Second Elevator Pitch: Learn to concisely and effectively communicate your brand’s position and promise, making every interaction count.
  • Live Q&A and Community Support: Gain access to live support through Q&A webinars and a vibrant community for ongoing feedback and networking.
  • Tailored for Leaders and Teams: Whether you’re a business leader or designating a team member, the program’s flexibility allows for effective learning and application within your organization.

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