Welcome to the Clarity Economy, a new era of market opportunity defined by tectonic shifts and radical transparency. Sound contradictory? We’ll clear things up. Back in March 2020, when the world suddenly changed amid trends brewing for decades, severe stressors hit businesses and brands we support about across time, resources, education and financial access. Were they going to weather the storm?
A little background: Jayne Agency serves certified diverse suppliers and diversity-conscious supply chains. Our need to support the diverse supply chain – facing everything from “devastation” to “dangerously explosive growth” – created a crisis in marketing and brand strategy. What if your entire channel of “go-to-market” is GONE? What if your business, unpredictably, BOOMS amid the chaos?
We were in a volume/quality moment—sparking like a stick of dynamite and haunting every business leadership team we cared about, who couldn’t just wait for “before COVID” rules to return. New doors were opening, just as old doors were snapping shut, and diverse-minded businesses needed clarity STAT to navigate the economic swings, while establishing a baseline for scalable, dependable, repeatable revenue in the diverse supply chain.
This insight meant months of re-engaging, rethinking and demystifying what was happening to brands we all love. Thanks to organizations like WBDC, WBCS, WBDC-WEST, WIM, Enterprising Women, HCCSTL, DFWMSDC, Eaton, WE USA Magazine, NANOE and more, we reached and empowered 1400+ businesses and counting this year alone. Our commitment has included $10M in brand strategy services and education, provided complimentary and collaboratively.
Together, we’re launching full tilt into what we’re calling the Clarity Economy. Pandemic or not, every business needs a clear message TODAY, and we’re committed to delivering it through thought leadership sessions, brand webinars, etc. Ready to learn the ropes—the 10 building blocks of brand clarity? Let’s discover your story.



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Mindfully Increase Diverse Spend Across Any Enterprise: A Collaborative Conversation

Audience: Procurement/Buyer/Supplier Diversity
Length:30- 50 min-content, 20 min discussion

Learn 5 proven techniques to help expand your procurement of diverse suppliers. Move from compliance to an enterprise-wide platform. When an enterprise has a diversity platform, the supplier diversity and procurement teams can leverage an enterprise-wide range of support– across disciplines, departments, initiatives, and decision-makers. As a diverse supplier, you get a look at what happens behind the scenes. Perspective is created across all three participants, elevating the dynamic in terms of preparation, expectations, and follow through to securing contracts that make sense for everyone involved.

10 Minute Brand Hack

Audience: Small to Mid Market, Fortune 500
Length: 10 Brand Assets In 10 Minutes with 10 minutes for Q&A

A 10-minute FAST TRACK outlining the 10 required assets of a brand platform that should result in financially stable, scalable, repeatable revenue. This “drink from a fire hose” helps remove all mystery and myths around branding, educates the participant in what each asset does, and why and how they all work together
Brand Strategy Session Primer Webinar
Audience: Small to Mid Market
Length: 30 minutes

A 30-minute walkthrough of what a brand is, helping business owners who are interested to understand the exercises, and do some pre-work with their team members. The Primer is educational and hits across the foundational 10 Assets needed to have a stable brand platform.
Brand Strategy Workshop
Audience: Small, MidMarket, Branding Professionals, Procurement, C-Suite – 50-100 Businesses
Length: 2.5-4hrs (can be scaled)

A tightly facilitated, high energy strategy session that encourages business owners refine or create a brand platform through learning to articulate background, goals, objectives, barriers, strategies, audience, insights, position, promise, support, and tone/personality. The session is high paced / high energy and comes complete with a “take it back to the team” workbook.
Brand In Social Media
Audience: Mid-Market and Fortune 500s – 50-300+ ppl
Length: 60-90 minutes

An hour-long presentation helps the audience become familiar with brand storytelling, a chance to consider their brand platform, and how a brand feeds a social media strategy, how to create the brand, and what to do with your business’s natural content in the world of social.