• “The amazing thing about a good website like this, is that it keeps on giving, long after it launches. Just wanted to let you know that we still appreciate the good work you did - on our positioning, our logo and our website - and how well they all capture Willow.  

    Sara Parikh, PhD, President, Willow Research, LLC

  • “You really turned our business around. No one was going to go in and figure out what was going on with our brand. We now have a truly valuable pipeline of highly qualified leads. It’s sometimes counter intuitive, but the methodology WORKS”  

    Carolyn Friend, Inheriting Wisdom

  • “We have yet to see a better demonstration of on time and on budget than Jayne Agency. We asked our senior management if this was the best demonstration on the project and they said, ‘No. It’s the best we’ve ever seen. Ever.’”  

    Oscar Castro, VP of Omni Channel, Big Lots, Inc. (Ohio)

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