What are the 10 brand assets included in a brand platform?

There are 10 Assets in a brand platform. These 10 Assets hold the levers, controls, opportunity, creativity, boundaries, and blue sky on your finances, marketing, culture, market share and innovation.

The numbers rule everything. Use goals to right size what your brand needs to be in service of to help you ensure financial solvency.

S.M.A.R.T Objectives guide focus and ensure we can monitor progress against goals. Objectives help us obtain what we are trying to accomplish. They guide finance, marketing planning, operations and more.

What can impede this project from being successful? What stands in the way? Dig deep. Barriers are the best tool for starting to prioritize what needs to be invested in – and what needs to be planned out. It’s also a great way to drive alignment in within yourself, your team, your department or your company.

We invest in strategies. We invest time, effort, energy, people, resources, finances.  It’s best to make sure that strategies are designed to ensure we deliver on objectives (so that we meet our goals).

One primary. Two Secondaries. And as many tertiary audiences as you wish. However, the Audience works as a “glow” effect, and if you get the primary audience right, it’s inclusive of ALL audiences.

Overarching Insight: The undeniable truth.
Behavioral Truth: A consistent pattern or behavior.
Unmet need: Something this audience is NOT getting from the industry or category
Brand Offering: What does your brand provide that solves the unmet need?

Helps you defend your organization in all perspectives. Position deflects AWAY from the c company what you don’t want, and beckons in what you do want. It’s how you get on short lists (the right ones), how you recruit (the right ones), how you ensure who you hire is in line with what you promise.

What do you operationally deliver DAY IN and DAY OUT. It’s of value – it’s not a commodity. It’s not fancy, clever or smart. It’s REAL, it has VALUE and it is provable in a court of law.

Proven demonstrations of the promise.

Tone: How a brand speaks. What it says. What words it uses.
Personality: How a brand behaves, what acts it demonstrates, what a brand “believes”