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What is a 30/60/90-day plan?
This plan is nothing more than a well-organized to-do list divided into enhanced paths for impact. In this article, we will touch on creating a good 30/60/90-day plan and provide specific information on expanding the plan and monitoring it.

How do I get started?
We recommend you get started by having your brand platform document on hand. Identify any barriers, strategies and tactics you noted, then prepare to assign them as 30-, 60- or 90-day initiatives.

How do I decide how to prioritize and organize things?
Focus on resources, timing and brand-related revenue priorities. We recommend creating a spreadsheet with three tabs labeled 30, 60 and 90 days. Begin sorting the barriers, strategies and tactics into each tab, based on priority and chronology of when they need to be addressed. Add additional columns as needed to keep track of information like the start date, end date, activity owner, etc.

How do I know what should fall under each initiative?
30 days
To start sorting, ask yourself what things can be immediately adjusted with direct revenue opportunity. These will likely be 30-day initiatives. Common themes for 30-day initiatives include:
• Gather feedback on new ideas by testing them with your primary audience, employees and friends. This feedback will create natural refinements and opportunities for revenue.
• Address barriers that are operational, such as policy issues.

60 days
The trick to creating a good set of 60-day initiatives is to create a second set of 30-day initiatives that can be accomplished in 30 days but need to be planned for on day one. For example, a 30-day initiative might be to build and approve a job description for a marketing director, while your 60-day initiative would be to select three candidates for the role of marketing director based on your previously created job description. Common 60-day initiatives include:
• Recruit a candidate.
• Review sales decks.
• Create quick-hit audits for websites.
• Kick off competitive reviews.

90 days
Common 90-day initiatives include:
• Review budgets.
• Address operational and human resource barriers.
• Formalize the primary versus secondary audience.
• Kick off visual branding or naming exercises.
• Kick off a strategic marketing plan.

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